Become an affiliate/social media influencer for through the most popular & user friendly ecommerce/affiliate marketing program out there, at goaffpro.comGoAffPro is what we use and is an Affiliate marketing app for ecommerce stores, that has a market share of about 15%, which is the largest share of any affiliate marketing program out there! With such a large audience of merchants and affiliates, this means that you will have a much higher earning potential because it's a trusted brand, while requiring the least amount of your time! If you're looking for the perfect 'side job' or maybe you want to be a fulltime Affiliate for a variety of stores, then signing up to our store will be the easiest, most rewarding thing you ever for yourself!

Join our affiliate network of bussiness women, artists, students, paramedics, and every other field employees and earn an UNLIMITED amount of money! The sign-up and affiliate membership is a fast and FREE process, that you can begin to earn money doing, the SAME day that you sign up! It's as fast as it takes you to make a basic social media post and TAG us!

Sea Outfits Affiliates make 10 to 20% commission on all sales made through their unique referral link used by their friends, followers, family members, etc. New Affiliates also begin their affiliate-membership with a personal 15% "forever discount"* for their own personal use. Unless told otherwise though the initial contact message. This percentage increases over time to a maximum of a 25% personal discount**, as the Affiliate begins to bring in more sales on a consistent basis, which is calculated by a monthly sales-volume tier system, collected from each affiliates GoAffPro dashboard. Affiliates can also earn FREE store products from becoming high volume earners and through scheduled affiliate sales competitions. All Affiliate sales competitions and Follower-Raffle schedules will be posted in advance in the GoAffPro app, in advance (Affiliates can simply go to their "dashboard" to see the dates once they're available; as well as access all the premade ad-posts if they don't want to do their own personal or live post). Affiliates will also be able to see the "Top 20 Earners" list that will be posted one month after the regarded month. In addition to all of that, affiliates have access to any/all upcoming store promotions, sales, discounts, raffles, pre-made copy, ads & video ads, as well as special product giveaways for the Affiliate's unique customers/followers! This will be the most rewarding store/Affiliates program that you'll sign up to!

To sign up, click this link and fill out the "affiliate sign-up" form at When you're ready to make money, then be sure to fill out ALL of the necessary fields (such as: full name, address, a secure email that ONLY you use, phone number, set up how you wish to get paid, copy/paste a product link of something you would like to promote/share with your followers, set up your discount name-code, fill in all your social media account names that you will use and want to get paid/credit for, also you can use any of the provided store media in your marketing tab, and more).  No matter what, be sure to tag us in all your ad-posts, to make sure we see it & for us to potentially use in one of our larger ad campaigns!

Don't worry! You DON'T need hundreds of thousands of followers to qualify as an Affiliate for our store, like most other e-commerce stores require. We actually love social media profiles that have smaller amounts of dedicated followers because it keeps things authentic, down to earth, less 'commercial', more personal, and without any performance pressures. Our colleagues, customers, friends and family members deserve a special store full of, not only everything they need for work to their personal lives, but also full of awesome Affiliates that actually FIND JOY in having a great time while looking like abundance walking pass by others, blessing them with your light and taste for life. Invite them to thrive!

If you have any questions about our Affiliate program or products in our store, feel free to contact us anytime at

*The "forever 15% discount" for Affiliates is only good for as long as you are an active affiliate for our store. We consider inactivity when we see zero activity in your dashboard or on your social media for 30 days.

**The store discount percent for Affiliates start at 15% and go up to a maximum of 25%, based on performance tiers. This is measured by consistent & growing sales performance, and not by your time with us as an Affiliate.